Dear Sir/Madame

Phi Ratio Services was founded in 2017 and provides services in the management of building units, blocks, flats and houses.
Our technical and administrative staff has the ability to serve every building unit with the best and most quality services.

Property Management Services

  • Common expenses for buildings and blocks.

  • Property Management (apartments,villas,blocks).

  • Electrical Services.

  • Swimming pool maintenance.

  • Renovations-Maintenance of jointly owned building blocks and buildings.

  • Roof waterproofing.

  • Cleaning of common areas.

  • Insurances of jointly owned buildings-other buildings.

  • Plumbing Services.

  • Disinfection.

Other Services

  • Law Services.

  • Secretarial Services.

  • Housekeeping.

  • Airport transfers.

  • Real Estate Agency.